Salmon mural in Dillingham by Arpayo Moore


Alaska’s total salmon catch should top 100 million fish any day now, thanks to a sustained push of pinks.

Nearly 48 million humpies have been landed so far; last week’s haul of more than 12 million was the strongest weekly take of humpies for this season. About 43% came from Prince William Sound where the catch has topped 20 million pinks. Kodiak is on its way to 17 million pinks surpassing projections by more than 4 million so far.  Pink harvests at the Alaska Peninsula and Cook Inlet are ahead of long-term averages.

Not so at Southeast where a pink catch of just over 5 million is well below historical levels. A low 12 million humpies were projected to be caught there this summer.

Sockeyes also continue to arrive with nearly 370-thousand taken over the past week, half of them coming from Kodiak.  Alaska’s total sockeye catch is nearing 45 million reds.

The biggest disappointment continues to be a no show of chum, or keta, in all Alaska regions. A catch so far of just over 5 million is down 67% from the 10 year average. Chum landings are down 62% in Southeast, 38% at Prince William Sound and a dismal 76% in the Northwest regions of the Yukon, Norton Sound and Kotzebue.

Coho deliveries of under one million are down by 63% of the five year average, although catches could pick up in late August and early September, the historical peak of the run.

Chinook landings also are lagging except at Southeast.

Alaska’s total salmon harvest for 2020 is pegged at about 132 million fish.

Our weekly updates are compiled by the McDowell Group for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.