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May 6, 2014                            

Alaska pollock Credit: ASMI

Alaska pollock
Credit: ASMI

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Pollock is not much of a draw for jiggers or seiners. I’ll tell you more after this –                       Pollock no big draw for jigs, seiners

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It’s the peak time of year for jig fishing for cod and 60 boats, down slightly, have landed over a million and a half pounds so far. The fleet has a quota of nearly six million pounds and the fishery is likely to remain open all year. At the same time, jiggers can keep as much pollock as they catch. But so far it hasn’t been much of a draw –

 No one seems to be taking advantage of the pollock jig fishery in the sense that they are going out and targeting pollock. 11


Matt Keyse is a regional manager at Fish and Game in Kodiak.

 So far there’s been 15,000 pounds of pollock landed, mostly as normal levels of bycatch from guys fishing cod. It looks like only a handful of boats have exceeded that. 12

 Overall, Keyse expects jig pollock deliveries to add up to what they usually do.

 On average every year jig cod boats tend to land between 20-30,000 pounds of pollock and I would expect we’ll be somewhat in that same range if things the same as they are now. 13

 Jig cod price at Kodiak is 35 cents a pound. Pollock is closer to 13 cents.

 A seine pollock fishery also is open.   Keyse says they’re just waiting for the boats –

 12 signed up for a first ever seine fishery – basically we have most of the pieces in place. At this point are waiting for someone to approach us and say they are ready to go. So anytime between now and June 9th a guy can try some pollock seining.

 June 9th is the start of Kodiak’s salmon season and Keyes says there won’t be conflicting seine gear in the water.

 We’ve put together the permit and the terms and a study plan on how we are going to conduct the fishery and now it’s up to the fishermen to decide whether or not they want to go. There has been interest and most people who signed up a few weeks ago indicated it was probably going to late May or early June because most of those boats are out herring fishing right now. 14


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