For centuries people have claimed that fish is brain food. Now there’s more proof that eating seafood does indeed make you smarter.

A report out last week by 13 leading dietary scientists declared that children whose mothers ate seafood during pregnancy gained an average 7.7 IQ points compared to children of moms who did not.

Mariculture Initiative by the AK Fisheries Development Foundation

The findings came after a review of 44 different studies since 2000 that included nearly 103,000 mother-offspring pairs and over 25,000 children.

The brain benefits began with just one serving of seafood per week during pregnancy.

The beneficial outcomes appeared on tests given as early as three days of age and as late as 17 years. Along with IQ, measures included verbal, visual and motor skill development. Four looked at hyperactivity and ADHD diagnoses and showed that kids of moms not eating seafood had nearly three times greater risks of hyperactivity.

The findings follow a report this year from the American Academy of Pediatrics that said U.S. children are not eating enough seafood.

Dr. Tom Brenna, a professor of pediatrics and nutrition at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, says it’s the omega-3s that boost brain growth.

“The brain and the retina in the eye are omega 3 organs – you can say that as calcium is to the bones omega 3 is to the brain.”

Brenna agrees it’s tough to get the message to a wider audience.

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 “We don’t have a good a way of getting that word out and getting people the notion that it can be such a delicious part of meals. Maybe we should have a contest to find a nice tag line that would identify seafood in the same way as Got Milk or Beef, It’s what’s for dinner.”

The IQ boost from eating fish report comes as the US is updating its dietary guidelines through 2025.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee will meet five times through March 2020. All meetings are open to the public and written comments are being accepted until the committee completes its work.