Seldovia, Alaska
Credit: AK Tour & Travel

February 10, 2017


It’s taken four years but a pet treat business will soon open its doors in Seldovia, a town of less than 300 people at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Here comes Puppy Love salmon treats – formerly made in Anchorage; now coming home.

“The goal was always to come to Seldovia. Because it’s a value added product, it’s not like we’re processing and putting on ice and shipping it across the bay. We’re making it here and packaging it here and we can palletize it and ship it at a cost that makes sense business-wise.”  

Brendan Bieri is COO of Seldovia Wild Seafood. He and his father, Michel, originally from France and a trained chef, created a special smoked jerky recipe for the dog treats made from minced salmon.

“Michel is a great cook because he’s got such a background in food chemistry.  We made our own thing and we are really proud of what we make.”  

The Puppy Love line includes three items: jerky treats, trainers and sticks.

“It’s all smoked salmon, shelf stable; you don’t need to freeze it. Just keep it on the counter and it’s good to go.”  

The treats so far are sold at several feed and pet stores in Anchorage, as well as boutique shops and on line.  Bieri says they have interest from buyers in the US, Europe and Asia. The focus now, though, is getting the new plant operational to ramp up production.

“What we’re focused on now, since we’ve moved from Anchorage to Seldovia, is getting a plant ready and getting all the certifications we need for the mass market.”

Seldovia Wild also will shift from buying its salmon from large processors to buying directly from local fishermen. The company plans to put at least 10 people to work when it’s up and running.

Bieri says dog treats are a $2 billion dollar business and they hope to bring a small portion of it to Seldovia.  Bieri says the Puppy Love line is as much about promoting Seldovia as selling the treats.

“We’re not only promoting Seldovia with our product, which is an area that we really want to get real excitement about again. “

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