Alaska pollock                 Credit:  KTOO


It used to be that Americans ate more than 60 percent of their seafood at restaurants. But the COVID virus has changed all that.

“I think we’re in unprecedented times here being honest, everyone is at home and they’re finding themselves having to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner often for themselves but also for their family. And a lot of people are not used to having to prepare three meals a day every day.”

Emily Metz is a strategy consultant with Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, the marketing arm of the Alaska industry.

“And so what we really needed to do as an industry was figure out how can we help consumers that are facing these unprecedented challenges with some new recipes and some new inspiration for their COVID cooking.”

GAPP has partnered with famous Seattle Chef in the Hat™ and restaurateur Thierry Rautureau along with an Instagram video blogger to show families how easy it is to take their culinary skills up a notch with fish dishes using their own pantry items.

“So we’re trying to remind people that they can introduce wild Alaska Pollock in a variety of forms from fish sticks to filets even surimi seafood into their diets right now. And once they try us, we know they’ll love us”

The shift to eating fish at home, Metz says, can be a boost to the industry.

“Obviously, in this whole crisis there is a bright spot in retail in that more people are cooking at home because they’re frankly forced to, and they’re looking for ways to introduce some new proteins to their diet. I think it’s a great time for wild Alaska Pollock to be out there and to remind people that seafood is an amazingly healthy protein.”

Along with making America’s home cooks more fish friendly, Metz says GAPP also is planning on ways to help its restaurant and food service partners recover rapidly from the COVID crisis.

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