For 20 years, starting with the London-based Marine Stewardship Council, the movement to use the power of the purse to promote and reward sustainably managed fisheries has set a global standard for seafood purchases.

Today, it’s nearly impossible for a company to do business without being officially certified as a source for earth-friendly seafood.

This week another global group introduced a Raised Without Antibiotics standard for seafood and all other animal products. The Michigan-based National Sanitation Foundation International has tested food products for health and safety since 1944.

Its new certification program will provide independent verification of claims made on food packages that they are antibiotic-free, including seafood, meats, dairy, eggs, even leather and certain supplements.

The Raised Without Antibiotics campaign follows a NSF survey last year that showed nearly 60 percent of consumers prefer products that are free from antibiotics.

That’s backed up by the NPD Group, a market tracker that operates in 20 countries, interviews 12 million consumers each year and monitors purchase data from more than 165,000 stores.

NPD says consumers are demanding foods with fewer additives of anything, especially antibiotics, growth hormones and tweaked genes, and are reading labels like never before.

NSF International is now seeking companies to sign on to its Raised Without Antibiotics campaign.

“Without an independent   protocol and certification process, NSF said in a statement, “customers have not been able to verify claims made by marketers – until now.”

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