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Fishing updates, IPHC seats, ALFA grant
June 18, 2015

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Salmon, crab and pollock – oh my!  All kinds of fishing going on in Alaska. Updates and news after this —

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More salmon fisheries are opening up all across Alaska and the catch so far of primarily sockeyes has topped two million fish.  Most of the catch has come from the Copper River, more reds are starting to come in along the Alaska Peninsula and disappointing takes at Kodiak so far.

Trollers are seeing good king salmon catches at Southeast, and a first seine opener for pink salmon is set for June 21.  A humpie harvest of 58 million is expected at the Panhandle this summer.

You can track daily salmon catches at Fish and Game’s Blue Sheet along with Inseason run timings

The Dungeness crab fishery got underway June 15 at Southeast Alaska where the catch should top a couple million pounds; a small dungie fishery also takes place around Kodiak.

A red king crab fishery at Norton Sound gets underway any day with about a 400,000 pound harvest.

Halibut and sablefish are at about the half way point for their annual catches.   Those fisheries are open till November.

Two of Alaska’s largest fisheries are back out on water – trawl caught pollock and cod in the Bering Sea. The summer seasons for both reopened on June 10. Pollock won’t reopen in the Gulf until the end of August.

In other fish news:  Sitting commissioners Don Lane of Homer and Bob Alverson of Seattle were the only two names submitted  for vacancies on the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Both are are likely to be reappointed to the two year seats.

Finally, electronic monitoring  will advance from a nearly half million dollar federal grant given to the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association in Sitka. ALFA plans to integrate the monitoring on up to 120 small boats to increase reliable data gathering and help develop EMS regs for the local fleet.

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