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A chance discovery by farmed salmon hatchery workers has spawned a line of skin care products that help cure disorders like eczema and also keeps skin younger looking.

Scientists in Norway became curious several years ago after it was noticed that hatchery workers who spent long hours handling salmon fry in cold seawater had softer, smoother hands.

Researchers at Norway’s University of Science and Technology discovered the skin softening component came from the enzyme zonase, found in the hatching fluid of the salmon eggs. The enzyme’s task is to digest the protein structure of the tough eggshells without harming the tiny fish.

The scientists hailed this dual ability as the secret behind the beneficial properties for human skin.  Zonase  helps dead skin flake off and stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells. It’s also proved helpful in healing wounds.

The new product underwent clinical trials at a hospital in Sweden and is patented by Aqua Bio Technology, which develops marine based ingredients for the personal care industry, as Aquabeautine XL. The end product, called Restoresea Pro, is available through licensed physicians.

Another more well known prescription for  younger looking skin works from the inside out.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s bestselling books promise that eating wild salmon for 28 days is the cure for wrinkles and provides a nutrition based face lift.