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Salmon season 2014: region/species, prices, exports, harvests yearly comparisons
January 6, 2015                                     

Salmon coming home Credit:

Salmon coming home

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Salmon season prices … salmon sales … exports, and comparisons to past years. I’ll tell you more after this –

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Everything you want to know about Alaska’s 2014 salmon season – prices, sales, harvests, exports and more – is available in new Seafood Market Information bulletins. They cover every salmon species and region, and show yearly comparisons from 2010.

 The bulletins reflect all the preliminary tallies of the salmon season, but don’t include bonuses or retro payments. They were compiled by the McDowell Group in Juneau for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

 Some highlights: The 2014 salmon catch of 157 million fish was the 27th year in a row that the catch has topped 100 million

 Southeast had its best Chinook salmon harvest since 2005 at 423,000 fish. Bristol Bay’s 29 million sockeye catch was the largest since 2010, although the average size of the fish was the smallest in over 15 years. The sockeye payday to Bristol Bay fishermen increased 40 percent last summer to nearly $193 million.

Cook Inlet’s 2.5 million sockeye harvest was nearly 30% less than predicted. Kodiak salmon fishermen grossed $46 million, the lowest since 2010.

 Alaska’s Revenue Department tracks sales of salmon products all year – fresh and frozen, fillets, canned and roe. May through August reflects over 90% of the year’s fresh salmon sales and gives a hint of how wholesale markets are responding to the recent harvest. Prices for most major products were down, except for frozen pinks and chums, called keta in the ASMI bulletin. It shows roe sales changed dramatically in 2014, down 55 percent from the year before.

  Seafood is still Alaska’s most valuable export totaling $2.6 billion from January through last September. Our number one customer is China, is doubling Japan’s purchases. South of the border: Seafood sales to Brazil last year were up more than 400%.

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