An Alaskan sisterhood is advancing a line of tundra botanicals mixed with the sea to create potent anti-aging skin care products.

The Salmon Sisters of Homer have added a wild salmon Skin Serum to their line, a first venture into wellness items. Emma Laukitis –

We love how smooth and light it feels. There are beautiful notes of crowberries, which we picked throughout our childhood on the tundra behind our homestead to make jam and pies. It doesn’t smell fishy, but the salmon oil gives it a silkiness that feels very nostalgic of Alaskan summers at fish camp.”   

Emma and sister Claire Neaton have become two of Alaska’s most well-known seafood industry ambassadors with features in Vogue, a Microsoft television ad, Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, and their artsy designs on XtraTuf boots.

The crowberries in the serum, along with fireweed and Arctic sage, are gathered from the tundra by  triplets Michelle, Cika and Amy Sparck who are making the skin serum for the Salmon Sisters.

Michelle Sparck –

“And we made this serum that you can look see and smell just how earthy and tundra rich it is with Alaska’s resources. And we used the glacial water from Eklutna Lake as our water base. With that and the extra virgin cold pressed salmon oil it’s like the best of Alaska in one bottle.”

The Sparck sisters run ArXotica in Bethel where they produce a super status skin care line that “harnesses the properties of extreme environment flora.”   That, plus the pull of sisters, made the partnership a perfect fit.

Emma Laukitis –

We love ArXotica products because they are made with ingredients unique to our state with a rich history of wellness and healing. We have grown up with the holistic benefits of wild Alaska salmon and their nutrients allow us to stay sharp and healthy and feel beautiful. It is a superfood for your skin!” 

The Skin Serum could be followed by more personal products, and Emma says the Salmon Sisters also might develop a seafood line. A cook book also is in the works.

“There’s something about either fishing as an industry, Alaska or eating wild seafood that people are connecting to and I think that’s a

really powerful sign that there are so many ways we can go with our business.”

Meanwhile, ArXotica is expanding a line of men’s care products featuring ground mammoth tooth and their trademark serum, and introducing a bearded seal oil.

“There’s no seal in it but we’re playing on an item that people are still eating in western Alaska. It will have our mammoth extract and our serum in there. We can’t wait to see a whole new slew of customers come in for that kind of thing.”