Salmonstock: Three days of fish, fun and music presented by the Renewable Resources Foundation successfully brought together over 5,000 wild salmon supporters in Ninilchik this weekend. The Alaskan celebration featured over 50 bands on four stages, the creations of talented Alaskan visual artists and opportunities for attendees to take “salmon action” and learn about Alaska’s renewable resources.                                   

+500 human image at Salmonstock Credit: Carl Johnson

+500 human image at Salmonstock
Credit: Carl Johnson

 One of the most memorable moments of the weekend was when over 500 participants joined together to send a clear message of support for wild Alaskan salmon. Homer artist Mavis Muller arranged eager volunteers in a human mosaic before the aircraft came into position for photographer Carl Johnson to capture the moment. 

 The center of the design was created with colored fabric and the lettering made with alder branches. Alder is a shrub that grows along salmon spawning streams and is sustained by the nutrient rich carcasses of salmon.

 “Art is communication,” Muller explains. “With our art we can inspire the world to rise to the challenges we face in sustaining Alaska’s healthy salmon and productive fisheries. We can inspire new possibilities and have fun doing it.”

 Contact: Kate Huber,, 907-306-0960

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 The aircraft was piloted by Mike Neese                      

Salmonstock crowd Credit: Late Huber

Salmonstock crowd
Credit: Kate Huber

Photo credit: Carl Johnson                                                   

Art coordination:  Mavis Muller

Robert Randolph & Family Bank, Salmonstock Credit: Tim Steinberg

Robert Randolph & Family Bank, Salmonstock
Credit: Tim Steinberg