November 9, 2015


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Connecting people to seafood.  Meet the Salty Girl Gals after this…


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 Salty girl seafoods

Meet the Salty Girl founders Norah Eddy and Laura Johnson. It was their former Alaska observer jobs that connected the two when they met three years ago at grad school in Santa Barbra California. But it was their passion for the fisheries that created the business.


“Our Salty Girl baby really started the first day we met. Because we really started thinking about the business, and started thinking about solutions to problems in the fishing industry.”


“Because we were both interested in seafood and the fishing industry, we were looking for solutions to problems in the industry and a way to innovate. That’s how Salty Girl Seafood came about. “


Their mission is to connect people to seafood. The Salty Girl brand label makes it easy for seafood buyers to know exactly where the fish is coming from.  


“Our fish is six ounces and pre marinated, and wrapped in butcher paper. The labels are nice and simple, with the name of the fish and the marinade. And on the back of the package you can find information about the sustainability of that fish.”


The unique feature of the label Eddy says is the traceable code. 


“So it has information about the species, the location or the port where it was landed, and the harvest method. It also has a traceability code that links to our website. You can plug in the four digit code from the back of the package and find out more about the fishermen and the fishing vessel that caught your seafood.”


Just over a year in business, the girls are keeping it simple with only three different fish filets.


“Right now we offer Coho salmon from Alaska; we also have black cod and a chili pepper rockfish.”


“We figure there are three of us day to day; so one product per girl.”


Salty Girl Seafood products are being sold locally in Santa Barbara and most recently in Los Angeles, but they will soon be expanding the brand to be sold up and down the west coast.  Eddy and Johnson hope for it to be available to their friends in Alaska in the near future.


“We have just taken off, and we are doing really well. We are having a lot of fun; and are reaching a lot of people. We are starting to really see the impact that our business model can have in the fisheries.”


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