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 June 12, 2014  

Fish votes!

Fish votes!

Harvesters group gives united national voice in DC                                                                                 

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – A united voice for America’s fishermen in DC. More after this — 


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Seafood Harvesters of America is a newly launched group that has garnered coast to coast representation in a united voice.

  There is no national organization that represents fishing organizations that only represent fishermen nationally here in DC.

 Brett Veerhusen is a lifelong Alaskan fisherman serving as executive director. The harvesters  already have 14 member groups ‘united for accountable and thriving fisheries.’                                                                      

 We want to get commonality and a uniting voice behind key federal issues affecting fishermen.

The group buzz word  is “accountability.’ Veerhusen says it applies to fishermen, scientists, policy makers and other users of our oceans.   

 Because the most important thing as fishermen is to pass down this tradition for generations. Without the fish, nothing else matters.  

 The harvesters believe the Magnuson-Stevens Act laws that govern US fisheries is something to be proud of  –

 What is working is decisions based on sound and strong science and continuing to support funding for more science. That is extremely important to this group. 8  and so we are advocating more better stock assessments and more funding to be gathering the best science so we can have strict accountability measures and strict annual catch limits.

 The group plans to work with the Coast Guard on new compliance requirements that are proving   costly; they also are tracking a discharge moratorium set to expire this year.

 If that moratorium is not extended on incidental discharge vessels win alask aand nationwide will need to get an incidental discharge permit for deck wash.  15 it’s already extended for recreational vessels but not for commercial vessels. And we want to make sure there is an even playing field for the commercial fishing sector.  

 As part of this week’s Capital Hill Oceans Week, the Harvesters group is part of a high level panel discussion called the Future of US Fisheries.  

 If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu here. So it is important that we as fishermen bring our selves to the table and lend our voices in a united way. 

Veerhusen says it is fishermen’s patriotic duty to be harvesting America’ fishery resources sustainably for the public to enjoy.

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