Seafood sales at American retail stores are on an upswing and should remain that way for the foreseeable future

That’s according to a survey by Progressive Grocer showing that nearly 56 percent of retailers predict an upturn in sales this year. More than 40 percent believe they will stay the same.

Over the past year, overall sales rose more than 39 percent. A breakdown of the 2017 Retail Seafood Review by Seafood Source said that shrimp was the driving factor due to a 9 percent drop in prices. Crustaceans in general showed both high volume and value increases compared to last year.

US wild caught seafood topped the list of products showing the highest increase in demand by nearly 58 percent of respondents. That was especially noticeable with “home grown” products from Alaska, Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite strong aquaculture buys, wild-caught seafood was perceived as being of higher quality and  53 percent said wild  tastes better than farm raised goods.

Despite the nice bump in sales and the rosy outlook, 53 percent of seafood purveyors showed no change in sales last year.

Retail experts advised ramping up in-store signs, and smarter use of digital coupons and promotions to lure more shoppers to try seafood. Workers behind the counters, they said, should be better trained about fish varieties and how to prepare them.

Here’s a take on fast-food fish sandwiches that will have you laughing out loud – BusinessInsider sampled seven, with Arby’s ranking last. It’s Crispy Fish sandwich was described as gummy. Dairy Queen’s Alaska Cod offering as a fillet slicked by a spill of tartar sauce that would offend even the Exxon Valdez disaster. Burger King’s fish sandwich is ‘gray and sad’ , McDonald’s rates ‘boring’ – the winner?

Wendy’s premium cod fillet which Insiders said reminded them of an honest to goodness crispy fish fry.