A Seafood, Sea Jobs video campaign is taking its message on trade to the people who make policy decisions. It’s a project launched by the National Fisheries Institute to show the trickle down effects of the 25 percent tariffs on US seafood in Trump’s trade war with China.

“Seafood, Sea Jobs is meant to showcase what we call the faces and places of seafood jobs around America. We’re showing real people in real US cities to jobs that rely on seafood trade. Whether it’s a fisherman or a processor, a restaurant server or a trucker, the seafood community has diverse impacts that not everyone knows about.”  

Lynsee Fowler is NFI communications manager. She has traveled the country since August capturing the faces and places of seafood jobs from coffee shops in coastal towns to truck stops in the mid-west.

“It’s not just people that are out on the water or doing the processing. It’s a lot further down the supply chain where you see the impacts.  It’s the people processing fish, trucking, cold storage, sales and procurement, serving seafood in restaurants – a lot of those jobs are in the heartland.”  

Thirty four Seafood, Sea Jobs videos have been produced so far. Their target audience is policy makers and key opinion leaders on trade in Washington, DC.

 “Inside the beltway there are segments of people who are listened to by the administration and we want to make sure they are talking about seafood when they talk about industries that are hurt by tariffs.”  

A 25 percent tariff on US seafood going to China began in September; another on seafood exports from China to the US is set to hit in January. Fowler says NFI’s hundreds of member companies already are hit with that.

 “It takes our members anywhere from 8 to 15 weeks to put in an order to China and get it here so our members are operating under that 25% tariff and it has a big impact.”  

NFI has advocated for US fishing related issues of all kinds for over 70 years.

Fowler says NFI will continue to ramp up its messages on how trade directly affects tens of thousands of Americans’ lives.

“It definitely has moved our communications about trade from the back burner to the front burner.”

See the Seafood, See Jobs videos at www.aboutseafood.com

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