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March 28, 2014

Eileen Sobeck, NMFS director Credit:

Eileen Sobeck, NMFS director

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch — The nation’s top fish official comes to Kodiak. I’ll tell you more after this –

Begich brings Sobeck to Kodiak

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Kodiak will be the first Alaska town to meet Eileen Sobeck, the newly named head of NOAA Fisheries, often called the National Marine Fisheries Service. Her visit comes in response to a ComFish invitation from the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. Accompanying her will be Senator Mark Begich

She is anxious to come to Alaska to learn more about AK specific issues – and we’ve had meetings and phone calls and she made it clear she wanted to come here and wanted to know the right kind of event.  And ComFish is a perfect event, I believe, for her to really get a good sense of fishery issues.  There is so much you learn when you go out to communities.

 Kodiak also provides an opportunity for Sobeck to see Alaska’s most diverse fishing fleet and busiest waterfront that never stops. Begich is well known for bringing DC officials to remote parts of the state to see the unique realities of life in Alaska.

 I’ve brought up many Administrators, Cabinet Scretary, almost a dozen US  senators  to educate them on issues of Alaska. And we’ve had a lot of success in getting issues resolved because they become aware of Alaska from a very personal standpoint. 6

 Begich points out that Kodiak’s importance extends beyond its fishing industry. It’s also home to the nation’s largest Coast Guard base – plus, Kodiak gets 90% of its power from wind and water

 Getting her not only to understand the fisheries issues at a unique time in Kodiak, we’ll educate her on some other things. So when she goes back and maybe is talking to the Coast Guard on some enforcement issue she will now how important that base is. Or be able to brag about the community runs on renewable energy which is a great statement on behalf of the community. But on the fish end, there is no question that Kodiak is the right place to be there and we’re going to give her a good education. 9

 As NOAA Fisheries director, Sobeck , will oversee the management and conservation of all marine life in  U.S. waters   from coastal habitat to humpback whales and everything in between. 

Sobeck is scheduled to spend two days in Kodiak starting April 17.  She and Begich will hold an open meeting that afternoon at ComFish. See the line up at – find links at

 Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods – who  salutes and says thanks to  the men and women fishing across Alaska for their hard work and dedication.  In Kodiak, I’m Laine Welch.