This is Fish Radio.  I’m Stephanie Mangini. Sitka sinks and so do Southeast kings. More after this…

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Another lack luster season came out of the Sitka sac roe herring fishery. What started out  looking like a good harvest with egg counts as high as 18% on the opening day of  March 27th, came to an abrupt halt three days later with a catch less than half of the 11and a half thousand ton quota.

Combo fishing by  seiners to try and salvage the catch was not successful, leading to the seasons closer on April 3rd. That left the 2013 Sitka sac roe herring harvest  short nearly 6,000 tons. This marks the second year in a row that the fishery as fallen short. In 2012 only 45% of the 29,000 ton harvest was gathered.  Hopefully there will be better fishing to be had when Kodiak herring opens April 15th with a roe herring harvest of just over 5,000 tons, equaling about 11 million pounds.  Followed by Togiak opening  early May, where six processors, 40 gillnetters and 28 seiners will go after a hefty sum of around 30,000 tons of herring.


More bad news for Alaska Chinook salmon — Down in Southeast the Chinook salmon catch this year is down 34%. Fish managers are giving the commercial troll fishery a total of around 130,000 fish. The numbers are derived from agreements with Canada under the Pacific Salmon Treaty.


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