Alaska Troller Credit:  ADF&G

Alaska Troller
Credit: ADF&G



Sitka. . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that under Chinook salmon management provisions of the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST), the 2013 abundance index (AI) for Southeast Alaska has been calculated to be 1.20, which results in an all-gear harvest quota of 176,000 treaty Chinook salmon. This all-gear abundance-based quota represents a decrease of 90,800 fish when compared with last year’s preseason estimate of 266,800 fish at an AI of 1.52. The commercial troll fishery preseason Chinook salmon harvest allocation for 2013 is 129,862 fish, a decrease of 67,410 Chinook when compared with last year’s troll allocation of 197,272 fish.

The all-gear Chinook salmon quota is allocated among commercial and sport fisheries according to management plans established in regulation by the Alaska Board of Fisheries [5 AAC 29.060(b) and 47. 055]. Most Chinook salmon produced from Alaska hatcheries are not factored into the AI and may be harvested in addition to the treaty limit.

The allocations to fisheries for 2013 under the regulatory management plan are as follows: 2013 Treaty Chinook Salmon Allocations  Number of Chinook Salmon 
All-gear treaty quota  176,000 
Purse seine (4.3% of all-gear)  7,568 
Drift gillnet (2.9% of all-gear)  5,104 
Set gillnet (1,000)  1,000 
Total net gear allocation  13,672 
Troll(80% after net gear subtracted) 129,862 
Sport (20% after net gear subtracted)  32,466