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Honey-Well, the company widely known for their Xtra-Tuf footwear are making it right. After they began manufacturing the beloved boots overseas last year thousands of loyal customers quickly watched their boots burst at the seams. xtra-tuf
  “The rubber on the side, the white part, it will peel apart and then water get’s in there.”  
“The rubber on the front toe would come un done and then the Xtra- Tuf would leak. Then you would try and do your best to put goop on it or burn it and melt it back together.”   
“The soles are what’s wrong. Where the sole connects to the bottom of the boot always comes apart and starts leaking. Something within the last two years has changed.”
The tidal wave of complaints and returns was not ignored.
“If you had a pair of boots that had any kind of leaking or the lining had any issues or anything we will replace them no questions asked. I think that is the best thing we can do because we guarantee our product.”

Shawn O’Brien is the Global Director for Xtra-Tufs. He and a few other reps did just that at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle last month. They stood by their product.

 “We have incredibly loyal customers. People are passionate about the brand, we want to make sure that they are well taken care of, and that is why we are here. It’s to make sure that we are out front and talking to people and if any one has any problems we don’t have a problem talking to them and making sure that they are happy and whatever we need to do.”  

O’Brien says that there were a few errors at the beginning of production but they have gone in and worked out any kinks.

 “As of now and for the past nine months we have had no issues with any of our products everything has preformed above expectations and they’re fixed they are great.”   
Honey-Well gave away free boots at expo as a gift to their devoted wearers.

 “Now that they are willing to go fix their mistake, I’m willing to give them a second chance.”  

“It’s the only boot I wear, Xtra-Tuf on the boat.”

 ” They are the best boots made in my opinion.” 

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