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Steam fuels big savings for seafood processors
March 23, 2015   

steam fuels savings

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch —Steam can fuel big savings instead of going up the stack. I’ll tell you more after this —

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 Instead of going up the smoke stack, steam generated by boilers in processing plants can be recaptured and reused as energy.

 Typically in industrial steam boilers that can be anywhere from 15-25 percent of the energy that is put into the boiler is lost up the stack. Our job for industrial clients is to figure out how to recover that energy back into their plant.

 Ed Stoermer of Cincinnati-based Stoermer Industrial Energy Systems says large food processing plants generate hundreds of thousands of pounds of steam per hour.

 To make that steam we have a fuel input, natural gas or oil or coal – to generate the steam there is inefficiency with the combustion and the steam production cycle. The energy that is lost is primarily that energy which is exhausted out into the atmosphere.  

 Stoermer says steam recapture benefits a company’s pocketbook and the planet –  

 Not only reducing the amount of energy they need to purchase, we’re also reducing by an equivalent amount of emissions that are dumped into the atmosphere from that particular plant.

 Steam recapture systems easily fit into a plant’s existing infrastructure. Stoermer says improving the efficiency of the equipment on hand is the easiest way to save energy.

 All kinds of new technology are coming to market with all the new technologies out there – solar, geothermal, wind power – those are tough to harness for the average industrial client. Being in Alaska is even more remote. The best thing they can do and easiest is to improve the efficiency of the equipment they have now.

A straightforward approach is to recapture some of the energy that is lost to their plants, whether that is heat of compression due to refrigeration systems, or recovering energy from the stacks or some of the blow down or lost energy from the boilers on the water side – those are going to be the most straightforward, simplest steps they can take to not only reduce their costs but to reduce emissions.   Really we’re just taking what the client has already spent their money on and putting it back into their pockets.

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