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Symphony of Seafood adds byproducts category
December 23, 2014

Symphony of Seafood Deadline to enter new products is Dec. 31

Symphony of Seafood
Deadline to enter new products is Dec. 31

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – The Symphony of Seafood goes beyond the plate. More after this –


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Alaska’s most celebrated seafood bash – the Symphony of Seafood – has added a new category to its annual new products competition. Along with entries for retail, food service and smoked items, another is called Beyond the Plate.

 It can be anything. It can be things that are edible such as fish oil capsules, or things that are non edible such as salmon leather wallets.

 Julie Decker is director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, host of the Symphony for 22 years. The event showcases new Alaska seafood products and always attracts a wide array of entries from major companies to small ‘mom and pops.’


Alaska seafood innovators are getting serious about ‘head to tail/inside and out’ usages of fish parts that end up on cutting line floors. Many already produce oils, supplements, and meals, but  the gurry still adds up to more than one million tons each year. Peter Bechtel is a USDA researcher formerly at the University of Alaska.

First of all we have just a huge amount of material in Alaska that isn’t made into fillet sand it isn’t; roe and we need to do something with this. It can be made into fish oils, fish meals, supplements, ingredients for farm animals, even industrial ingredients for the cosmetic industry… gelatins from skins, or new feed products from roe or take the liver and extract oil, things like that.

AFDF’s Decker says that’s exactly what Beyond the Plate aims to do by opening the door to more Alaska seafood innovators.

 I personally believe that creativity is a key to solving some of our challenges in a positive way, and that’s wshat we focus on with the Symphony of Seafood.

Deadline to submit new products in all four Symphony of Seafood categories is Dec. 31. The judging is set for Feb. 5 in Seattle, with soirees to follow in Anchorage and Juneau. Winners get a free trip to the Boston Seafood Show. Enter and learn more at – and find links at

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