The 26th Alaska Symphony of Seafood attracted 10 entries in its annual competition. They were judged privately last night (Wednesday) in Seattle in three categories: retail, food service and Beyond the Plate. As always, the innovation is off the charts.

“I have not seen a spring roll product entered before. Alaska sockeye salmon spring roll by Tai Foong. And Fishpeople Seafoods entered a salmon jerky – we’ve seen quite a few jerkies but this one is rainbow peppercorn. Just the name is kind of fun. Another one that I think has a lot of potential is Trident’s Protein Noodle.”

Julie Decker is director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, host of the seafood gala.

Also in the lineup:  Alaska Cod Dumplings, Wild and Simple entrée ready pollock fillets, Cod with Thai Curry, and Ready, Set, Salmon slices.

The Beyond the Plate category features non-food products beyond such as Trident’s Alaska Naturals pollock oil for pets.

And Tidal Vision of Juneau has entered another crab-shell based, spray on item called Tidal-Tex Odor Preventer.

“It is a product you spray on fabrics or textiles to prevent odor by stopping the microbial break down. “

The Symphony competition has a unique twist in that it levels the playing field between major seafood companies and the smallest mom and pops – such as Anchorage-based Heather’s Choice with its backpack items.

“She has a smoked sockeye salmon chowder that is portioned and ready to go, heat up the water in your camp fire and add it.”

The top winners and the Seattle’s People’s Choice will be announced on Monday at Pacific Marine Expo.

Second the third place winners and the Grand Prize winner will be revealed at another bash in Juneau on February 19.

Top winners get more exposure with a free trip to Seafood Expo North A

            Next week!    Nov. 18-20, Seattle

merica in Boston in March and entry into its Seafood Excellence Awards.