January 26 2015



This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. From deck to dinner plate, it’s a seafood product soiree. More after this…

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     Seventeen seafood producers are putting their tasty fish dishes to the test next month at the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundations 22nd annual Symphony of Seafood. Three categories remain the same; Retail, Foodservice, and Smoked, but a new category they are calling Beyond the Plate is showcasing seafood bi products for the first time ever.  Alaska Symphony of Seafoods

A.F.D.F Executive Director Julie Decker-

 “Our new category beyond the plate we added has five entries. First is a fish broth called Baltic style fish broth by Ed Kasilof seafoods, also an omega 3 oil product, called 54 degrees North Omega 3.”

A.F.D.F was surprised by the three pet treat entries.

“This is very interesting I think. There is Alaska Naturals wild seafood pet treats from trident seafoods, we have wild catch for pets, Alaska wild caught salmon sticks by copper river seafoods, and Yummy Chummy dog treats by Arctic Paws. So we have a broad spectrum of products this year, which will make it really fun.”

No pets were brought in for taste testing, but Decker says in the future they might consider bringing in a few fury judges. Being that its Beyond the Plates first year at the event judging for the bi products was not done by taste.

“So for the Bi product category they will be specifically judged on packaging and presentation, its perceived value for its niche in the market, and its potential for commercial success.”

A sampler of edible seafood entries are-

An Alaska White fish burger from Trident seafoods, Copper River Seafoods Zesty Grilled cod fish portions, and Pickled Willy’s smoked black cod tips.

Decker says the event is very important for both the very small mom and pop shops to the largest seafood processing companies to help make a product stand out.

“Because no matter what size you are you are, you’re either trying to get into a niche market and so you’re trying to make yourself known, and having an award sets you apart from other products, but even if you’re a big company you’re competing on a global basis. So it’s important for all companies and it is interesting how important this event really is.”

This event shows the team work that it takes to go from deck to dinner plate.

“It takes the entire industry all across the board from harvesters, processors, and the sport sector to get to that final product. Whether you’re talking about people in the shipping business or the packing business, and those are all the people that end up being sponsors. Because they understand that it’s the whole chain. So I think that it is a really cool image to show to people.”

Judging will begin in Seattle February 5th, with two events following in Juneau and anchorage where the winners will be announced. For more about A.F.D.F and the Symphony of Seafoods,  find links at our website www.alaskafishradio.com

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