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Tidal Vision launches line of eco-friendly fish wallets, textiles
June 10, 2015

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch –   Ocean byproducts become eco-friendly wallets and textiles. More on a Juneau sensation after this —

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“Upcycling” seafood byproducts is the business model for Tidal Vision, a Juneau-based company that is making waves with its aquatic leather line that launched last month. The start-up is making wallets, belts and other products from salmon skins using an all natural tanning formula of vegetable oils and other eco-friendly ingredients.

We can produce the same quality and durability products with no formaldehyde, no chrome based tanning chemicals or EPA regulated chemicals to dispose of.  And we can do bigger batches with less labor per skins. 

Craig Kasberg is CEO – Captain Executive Officer – of Tidal Vision.

We’ve come up with a way to remove the skins w/out any manual labor, dry without them curling and needing to clip them to drying racks, very time and space consuming for tanning operations – We have a pneumatic heat press that presses the resin into the skin and gives them a consistent durability and glossy finish that is gorgeous and smooth but still see all the texture from the scales.

Tidal Vision launched its aquatic leather line on Kickstarter,  a web based ‘crowd funding’ community that has helped bring nearly 90,000 creative ideas to life since 2009. Kasberg says they reached their $17,500 funding goal in less than 24 hours. It’s now nearing $43,000 by 554 global backers.   Now they aim  to attract business partners to grow the company.

“We’re now looking to grow the business through joint venture opportunities with businesses that want to use our leather  and we are making sheets out of it now. It’s ideal for the upholstery industry, foot wear; we’ve even been approached by a gentleman who owns a guitar company who wants to make guitar cases out of salmon leather. There are a lot of different applications that we are excited to explore that we don’t have the experience in manufacturing those products, so we are looking to grow through joint ventures and making consistent sheets of our leather.”

More than two billion pounds of seafood byproducts are thrown away each year in Alaska. Tidal Vision, whose motto is “from the ocean, for the ocean”  aims to reduce that waste and add value to sustainable fisheries with its eco-friendly products.

You can see and order the salmon leather products at – coming next is a line of clothing and textiles made from crab and shrimp shells called Chitoskin. We’ll report on that soon. Meanwhile, visit and find links at our website –

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