FROM AK Dept. of Fish and Game

October 5, 2015

Togiak, Alaska

Togiak, Alaska


The 2016 Togiak herring forecast and harvest allocations are listed below for the Togiak District sac roe and spawn-on-kelp fishery, and the Dutch Harbor food and bait fishery. This forecast is based on a maximum 20% exploitation rate of the projected biomass  —-

–2016 Togiak District Pacific herring biomass and harvest forecast and allocation by fishery and gear.

Biomass Harvest (Short Tons)                            Forecasted Biomass 162,244

Total Allowable Harvest (20% exploitation rate) 32,449

Togiak Spawn-on-Kelp Fishery (Fixed Allocation) 1,500

Remaining Allowable Harvest 30,949

Dutch Harbor Food/Bait Allocation (7.0% of remaining allowable harvest) 2,166

Remaining Allowable Harvest for Togiak District Sac Roe Fishery: 28,782

Purse Seine Allocation (70.0%) 20,148

Gill Net Allocation (30.0%) 8,635


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