It’s been a tough start so for Alaska’s salmon season.

Fisheries are set to open throughout the month and they will hopefully fare better than at Copper River.

Fishing for sockeyes and kings has been so poor there  that only three openers have occurred so far, down by half. At first it seemed like cold ocean temperatures had slowed the run arrivals but now managers are not so sure.

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So far just 26,000 sockeyes have been caught compared to over 200-thousand in the first three weeks of the previous two years.  The king catch is at 7,000 with latest prices reported at $14 and $10.50 for sockeyes.

A lack of king salmon also has boosted the average price for Southeast trollers to $12.51 per pound, up $3.11a pound from last year.  Under provisions of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the Chinook salmon harvest for commercial trollers is 95,700 kings and the summer season is open only in a few select areas.

Shrimp fisheries are ongoing in Southeast as is diving for geoduck clams. Southeast’s

Dungeness crab fishery opens on June 15.

Alaska halibut catches are nearing six million pounds out of a 17 million pound limit. Seward, Kodiak and Sitka are getting the most landings and halibut prices remain in the mid $4 to mid-$5 per pound range.

Sablefish catches are nearing 9 million pounds with prices ranging from $1 for the smallest sizes to $7.50 to $8 a pound for 7 pounders and up.

Fishing is ongoing for cod and various whitefish in regions of the Gulf and Bering Sea.

Pollock reopens in the Bering Sea on June 10 and on August 25 in the Gulf of Alaska.

State managers just announced the summary of the state’s largest roe herring fishery at Togiak, which had a 24,000 ton quota this year. Just about the full quota was taken with fishermen getting $100 a ton for their catch, making the fishery worth $1.65 million at the docks.

Finally, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council is meeting now through June 11 in Kodiak.  You can listen online starting June 6.