The AK Symphony of Seafood judging and seafood bash is set for November 20 at Expo in Seattle. 

Here are the products that will compete:

Retail – 12

SeaBear Smokehouse – SeaBear’s BSB – Brown Sugar Bourbon Smoked Salmon

Foraged & Found – Sea Asparagus Pesto

60⁰ North Seafoods LLC – Blueberry Cured Gravlax

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Coho Salmon

Salmon Sisters – Smoked Tinned Octopus

Alaskan Leader Seafoods – Wild Alaska Cod Fish n Chips Meal Kit

Barnacle Foods – Bullwhip Hot Sauce

Fishpeople – Sweet + Smoky Original Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

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SeaBear Smokehouse – Gerard & Dominique’s Wild Smoked Salmon Schmear

Tai Foong USA – Crab Rangoon

Tai Foong USA – Snow Crab with Garlic Butter

Trident Seafoods – Loaded Baked Potato Crusted Wild Alaska Pollock Fillets

Food Service – 5

HighLiner Foods – Alaska Wild Wings – Southern Style

Barnacle Foods – Dill Kelp Pickles

Blue Evolution – Alaskan Kombu Seaweed

Trident Seafoods – Redi Grilled Fully Cooked Wild Alaska Pollock Pieces

Tai Foong USA – Salmon Dumpling

Beyond the Plate – 3

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Fin Earrings

WILD by Nature – Alaskan Fish Skin Jewelry

Drool Central:  A Mum and Pup Bakery – Pescadores