Alaska salmon sales and prices show ups and downs, May-Aug 2012

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Salmon sales and prices show ups and downs, May-Aug 2012
October 12, 2012

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … Ups and downs for Alaska salmon sales this summer. More after this –


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Alaska salmon goes to market in many forms, such as canned, fresh or frozen, fillets and roe.  The state Revenue Department tracks wholesale prices for all salmon forms throughout the year by species and region. 

The report covering sales from May through August shows ups and downs in poundage and prices compared to last summer. 

Some highlights:    for fresh H&G salmon, the average price for sockeyes dropped a dime to $3.67 a pound; pinks averaged $1.31, down 12 cents, and chums dropped 43 cents to $1.67 a pound. On the up side –fresh kings averaged $7.49 a pound, an increase of  82 cents; and fresh coho prices went up two cents to $3.42.  

 Of course, summer means salmon fillets on the grill and those  wholesale prices were up.   King fillets averaged  $11.45, a 70 cent increase; sockeyes at $7.60 were up 66 cents per pound, as were  coho fillets  at $7.24. Only chum fillets fell at wholesale to $3.25 a pound, down 52 cents.  

 Roe prices for pinks and chums showed big increases this summer:  pink roe at $9.28 a pound was a 53% increase over last season;  chum roe jumped from $12.17 to $15 per pound.  About two million pounds of sockeye roe came from Bristol Bay valued at over $12 million; a million pounds of pink salmon roe from Prince William Sound topped $11 million, and Southeast scooped the most chum roe – 1.2 million pounds valued at nearly $21 million.  The Alaska Salmon Price Report is at Revenue’s Tax Division and you can find a link at Fish Radio on Facebook.

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Link to AK Salmon Price Report:

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