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May 9, 2013

Energy saving project for fishing boats

Volunteer F/Vs wanted for energy saving project

Volunteer F/Vs wanted for energy saving project

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Fuel savings for fishing boats. More on a new project after this –

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A state backed project aims to find ways to reduce fuel needs for fishing businesses and the call is out for volunteer vessels.

Cut: With the price of fuel it can really affect the bottom line for a fisherman when you’re skimming off 30-40% of your annual income for diesel fuel. 2

Jim Browning is director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation. The state gave $250,000 to AFDF to implement a fishing vessel energy audit pilot project.

Cut: We have different vessel classes – small boats, medium sized and over 90 feet – and try to get several energy audits on each of those vessel classes. We’ll get baseline information on their regular usage and then come back with looking at catalysts that increase fuel efficiency.

AFDF will partner with Homer Sea Grant marine advisory agent Terry Johnson to design and implement the project. It will test various fuel additives, hydrogen generators and other new technologies aimed at saving fuel and increasing efficiency by up to 20%.

Cut: T here is a fuel catalyst that goes in the tank and another is injected into cylinders that is even more promising. So we will try those kinds of improvements with a fuel flow meter and document the savings. 8

Browning says the pilot project will take place over the next three years – it’s in the design phase now. AFDF is currently seeking industry stakeholders to serve on a steering committee, as well as vessel owners who would like to have an energy audit on their boats. Anyone interested can contact AFDF in Anchorage –

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