Whole Foods to source from Ocean Beauty, closes its own company Select Fish in Seattle
SEAFOODNEWS.COM   by John Sackton  March 3, 2014      

Ocean Beauty Seafoods since 1910

Ocean Beauty Seafoods since 1910


         Whole Foods is closing the Select Fish facility in Seattle by mid-March.  They bought Select Fish in 2003.  Select Fish was founded in 1987 and by 2000 was supplying hundreds of Whole Foods stores in the Northwest, and sourcing for the company in Alaska.  Select fish employs between 40 and 165 people, depending on the season, and all became employees of Whole Foods.

 Jed Spikes is the Seafood Coordinator in the Northwest.  

 The company emailed Seafood.com News saying  ‘After intense evaluation, Whole Foods Market has made a difficult decision to close the Select Seafood facility in mid-March, 2014. We’ve identified Ocean Beauty as our new partner for seafood processing and distribution to all of our stores in Oregon and Washington.”

 “We will continue to offer the highest quality products from the same sources in compliance with our strict seafood standards and traceability requirements. The agreement with Ocean Beauty was structured to allow us to continue the important relationships we have in place with our local fisheries and the Native Tribes that provide much of our seafood, as well as with our value added products that are currently created at Select.”

 Whole Foods is working with current employees affected by this decision. “We’re working with each of them individually to help them either find jobs with us or help them with the next step in their career,” said the company.