The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation has helped bring new Alaskan seafood products into the market for decades. Categories have changed, but the goal remains the same, to promote new products and increase the value of Alaska’s seafood.
“It is exciting to see this innovation going into products made with Alaska Seafood.”
Julie Decker- Executive Director of AFDF shares with us the 24th annual Symphony of Seafood product line up.
“We have got some pretty cool items that entered into the beyond the plate category this year. Stuff made with salmon oils and leather.”
Trident entered salmon pet oils. A salmon leather tote bag made by the Salmon Sisters will be judged against Tidal Visions salmon leather clutch. Another Tidal Vision product in the Beyond the Plate category is made out of crab shells.
 “Crystal Clarity is a clarifying agent for pools, made by chitosan that is extracted from crab shell waste.” 
 The Symphony’s newest category, Beyond the Egg, has two product entries. One made from Pollock roe and the other salmon eggs; called Bottarga.   
 “The salmon roe product is definitely interesting. It is a dried, shaved, salmon roe; it is a topping that is very light and flavorful.”
There is a mix of seafood and flavor in the retail and foodservice categories. Like Dear North’s, smoked salmon bites from Hoonah, that hit high-end grocers about six months ago. Upon a personal purchase, Decker gives them positive ratings.
 “The packaging looks beautiful, it is a great snack, it is healthy, and it tastes good.”
An odd pairing of candied salmon and frozen cream will be served up at this year’s competition.  One Decker says might be hard to beat. 
“First of all how can you beat ice cream! Secondly, Mark Wheeler, who owns Coppa in Juneau and develops the ice creams that are made for his retail store, he is famous for using local ingredients and making delicious ice cream out of them. From really unusual things you wouldn’t think of like his herring roe   wasabi ice cream or black cod.”
Last year’s grand prize winner Hali halibut baby food by Bambino’s of Anchorage is back for round two with their new sockeye salmon baby food bisque. Other products range from canned salmon to salmon chowder, Korean style noodle and Mexican seafood soups. Salmon burgers and crab cakes, to Hawaiian poke and surimi.  All of the products will be judged January 25th in Seattle, followed by the People’s Choice and award ceremony February 22nd in Juneau.Go to for more info.
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Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, an Alaska corporation proudly supporting Alaska’s coastal communities and the Alaskans who depend on fishing for their livelihoods and culture. In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.