Imagine thousands of crabs cleaning gunk out of a pool or hot tub …. Well not actual live crab, but an all-natural water clarifier made from crab shells.  Crystal Clarity is just one of Tidal Visions chitosan based products and it is changing the way many are cleaning water.
Chitosan has a positive electrostatic charge. This allows it will bind to the cell wall of algae and components in things like sunscreen and skin cells, and dirt and debris and other things in the swimming pool that make the water cloudy. It binds to them, coagulate them together and then they will settle out and the pools filter system picks them up quicker and more efficiently.
Craig Kasberg is Tidal Visions Captain Executive Officer.  He says that they had been selling the formula for other water filtration purposes prior to their crystal clarity product.

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We supplied liquid chitosan to the commercial water treatment industry. They use it for a very similar process, but for storm water treatment. From that, we thought to take the same product and put it in a bottle for consumers and pool service companies to be able to put in their swimming pools to accomplish the same thing.
The liquid chitosan is a natural sanitizer, it is biodegradable, and of course environmentally safe.   
You could even drink straight out of the bottle, but we don’t recommend it,  it doesn’t taste good because it’s not juice, but you can and it won’t hurt you at all. It is completely non-toxic and bio compatible.
Kasberg says a little goes a long way. Especially if used for a hot tub.

You only need one ounce to treat seventy-five hundred gallons of water,  so two ounces will treat a  fifteen thousand gallon swimming pool.  Most hot tubs are no more than five hundred gallons, so it would last a hot tub owner a really long time.

All of Tidal Visions products support ocean sustainability by using wasted ocean byproducts in their clothing, fertilizer, and cleaning products and more.  Kasberg says that within this year they will process about four hundred thousand pounds of crab shells and over one million in 2018.learn more about their products at Tidal Vision USA.