CG dockside Safety Exams

February 26 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Would your vessel pass the safety test? Hear more after this…

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Signing up for a free commercial fishing vessel safety exam couldn’t be easier,  the Pre- Examination Work Sheet from the United states Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Detachment Office has everything you need. With every boat being different, their online CFR site allows user to make a check list specific to their vessel.  Making it easier to prepare for a boat inspection.

“The  check sheet that cover all the federal requirements for commercial fishing vessel boats has the CFR sites so they can go and look up CFR and see specifically what their suppose to have.”

Aaron Jessup is the is the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner in Kodiak.


“ The requirements are based off of distance off shore they have traveled, the tonnage or the length of the boat.”


They do a lot more then just checking the  personal safety devices.


“When we are doing our exams there are a lot of things that we look at. The stability of the boat, the conditions if the haul, the engine room space, we are going to check required documentation, we are going to check communications equipment. So we are really looking at the boat as a  whole. We are thinking outside of the regulations and thinking how safe is the boat.”

The  boat is awarded a safety sticker that shows the boat is up to code. Having the dock side exam can have it’s perks.

“The kick back from the Coast Guard is, is that if you volunteered   and you successfully get your decal, when the cutter comes along side the sticker is telling the cutter personnel you have been checked.”


It could aid in lessening  a boarding officers work load.

“It gives them that option to reduce the amount of time that they are on the boat and interrupting the operation. It doesn’t mean it will happen ever time, but I can lead to a shorter boarding at sea.”

The Safety examination is not yet mandatory for all fishing vessels. As of now it is only  enforced by the observer program or Voluntary. All boats will have to have a boat safety exam and decal sticker by October 15, 2015. Find links for more Coast Guard safety regulations and the Dockside Examinations at

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