Fred West Smoked Salmon Bacon


February 19 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Smoked Salmon Bacon? Who would have thought. More after this.

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Fred West is Making Bacon,  And not just your ordinary bacon but award winning smoked salmon bacon.  It all started with his granddaughter, a little smoke house, and the hopes of making an all natural, no preservative product that she could enjoy.


“I’m family owned, I’m a  very small business. We started up this little company in 1993. Commercial fished for many years, but it really wasn’t me. I like doing what I’m doing here.”


His granddaughter was his inspiration for this all natural product.

“The reason why I did it was for my granddaughter Kylee and that’s why I named the bacon  Kylee’s Alaska Salmon Bacon. Because of her reaction. It was a lot of the additives that they put in the meats. The steroids and the growth hormones. She has to be gluten free also. And that is why this bacon that we make is  just such a great inspiration and I’m glad that we did it. I’m glad that we came up with this bacon and I couldn’t be happier. And it seems to be received very well.”

Over two years of experimenting went into making the bacon with  lots of failed attempts. Until Fred came across one very common breakfast staple.

“I tried everything. Believe me a lot of it went out to the garbage. It just took over and over. And then one day I was having breakfast and a friend of mine had sent me some Vermont syrup. And I go I wonder if there is somehow a way I can cure that? So I didn’t use syrup I used the maple sugar  itself.  And I just started playing around with that. And dog gone it we got her down now. We are   hitting it on the nail head every single time.”

Fred says pinks and chums are best.


” I’ve used sockeye, I’ve used silvers, kings. I’ve experimented with everything. Combinations, this and that. The best is pinks and chums.”  

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