Superior Fresh fish house & greenhouse in Northfield, WI.  


Salmon is now being grown in the nation’s first landlocked fish farm in rural Wisconsin.  

Earlier this month a company called Superior Fresh sent its first batch of fresh 10 pounders to Festival Food stores across the state.  Plans call for an annual output of about 72 tons of Atlantic salmon and steelhead trout from the so called fish house which adjoins a large greenhouse – making it the largest aquaponics facility in the world. 

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In the growing system, which uses no pesticides or antibiotics, water that is drawn from two deep wells feeds into a hydroponic set up that produces 20,000 heads of lettuce every day. That water then recirculates back to the fish tanks; the less than one percent of waste water is used to irrigate alfalfa for hay produc


Wisconsinites hail the dual output as the future of environmental-controlled agriculture.   

Superior Fresh says it is “priming the pump” for fresh greens and fish to be sold year round in places where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  

The east coast has even bigger plans for the world’s largest land-based salmon growing business, minus the greenhouse.

Nordic Aquafarms of Norway hopes to soon break ground on 40 acres in Belfast, Maine and eventually produce nearly 70 million pounds of Atlantic salmon each year.

The salmon will be grown in tanks holding up to 2 million gallons of recycling water, sourced from a reservoir no longer used for the city’s water supply.   

Nordic Aquafarm president Erik Heim said that the U.S. currently imports more than 80 percent of its seafood. Raising the salmon in Maine cuts shipping time and costs and delivers a fresher product to American customers.