February 8, 2016
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A new T.V. show would put fishermen’s wives in the spotlight. More after this…
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A Nationwide search for fishermen wives and or fisher women is underway. A major Los Angeles production company is researching from coast to coast the perfect fishing port or even remote fishing village. The place must be home to a strong group of women that are, as Amberlee Mucha puts it“The back bone of a fishing community”.  
 “We want to find a community of women who work together, who help watch each other’s kids when they can’t. A community of women that may not be related by blood, but they might as well be family.”
Mucha is the manager of talent development in L.A. she says that the reality shows on the air are centered around men.  She feels it’s time the women are in the spotlight.
“They focus on the men that fish, but in all of our research we have found that fishing is a way of life and it takes a whole community to support it. So we are looking into the other side of it, the women in these communities and how the help and pull together to do thing to keep all of it going.”
  Viewers can tend to roll their eyes while watching so called real life shows due to the nonsense and unrealistic lifestyles they portray. Muchas says “they take a slice of life approach.”
 “Which is really taking a look at somebody that lives a life that is different than most of the average/middle America.”
They are looking for a wide variety of personalities; most importantly women who can keep it real in front of the cameras. 
“We need people who can see the potential of opening up and telling their story and letting other people see the way that they live.”
Mucha laughed when asked when the show would be ready, saying it could take years to find the right people and settings for the show.
“The fishing lifestyle is not just a job or career; it is a way of life. And it really takes a community to support it, and the community supports fishing and the fishing supports the community. And I feel that this is a really incredible thing and would love to see some T.V. that showcases that.”

Amberlee S. M. Mucha

Talent Development Producer – Discovery Studios
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