Alaska halibut fisherman take on Greenland fishery

May 19 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Reality TV brings Alaska’s toughest fishermen to Greenland. Looking for the best and bravest after this…

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A new pilot featuring Alaska fisherman will take them half way across the world to the iceberg filled waters of Greenland. A recent ad in the local paper is seeking the best and bravest halibut longliners, stating “Crybabies need not apply.”


“We are looking for Alaska halibut fisherman that have braved the waters of Alaska and are looking for the next great challenge.”


Moxie Pictures Executive Producer David Casey-


“The Greenlandic and Atlantic halibut of Greenland are much larger, and much harder to catch. You have to get right up next to the glaciers of Greenland to catch them. So it is a completely different environment and we want to see if the Alaska fishermen can hack it.”


Only three men will be able to take their longline skills to a whole new level.


“The plan will be to get in touch with these brave individuals, and find the three toughest who have incredible stories about their catches and about the types of experiences that they have had in Alaska that we can translate to Greenland.”


Casey says it is a much different fishery.


“So they longline down to two hundred hooks into the deepest fjord fishing waters in the world”


The fishery changes with the seasons. Using dog sleds in the winter and dinghies in the summer.


“In the winter they use Greenlandic sled dogs to sled out into the inland fjords where ice extends out over the deep waters where the biggest halibut are. It is very abundant but hard to get to.”


No matter what time of year it is, ice is a constant battle on the fishing grounds.


“For the summer they go out on to the fishing waters on very small 5 meter boats; they are basically glorified bathtubs. Same process but they have to get up near the largest icebergs in the world. So it is very different. You are in Open Ocean, but what you are fighting is not necessarily the waves but the melting ice around you.”


The 55 million pound quota is divvied up amongst fishing vessels and smaller boats called dinghies. Dock price for the Greenland halibut is around 7 dollars per pound and is marketed in Europe. Any sold in the U.S. is known as Greenland turbot.


“It is a completely different fishing environment. I understand that halibut is ebbing and flowing commercially in Alaska, and I know those changes are creating new opportunities elsewhere.”


Filming of the pilot will start this summer. Find contact information on our website

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