Feeding time at tilapia fish farms = chicken poop!

Feeding time at tilapia fish farms = chicken poop!

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Top 10 Seafood Favorites, 2013
November 7, 2014                                      

 This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … Alaska pushes salmon to second place for America’s seafood favorites. More on the Top 10 list after this —

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Shrimp remained America’s favorite seafood last year – but Alaska is credited for pushing salmon to the second spot due to the huge production of pink salmon. That’s according to the National Fisheries Institute, which compiles the Top 10 list of seafood favorites based on NOAA’s annual Fisheries of the US report. The list makes up almost 97% of all the seafood Americans eat.

Each American ate 2.7 pounds of salmon in 2013, an overall 34% increase from the year before. Imports of farmed salmon increased just 5% to 620 million pounds – that means it was Alaska salmon that drove increased consumption, said Seafood.com market expert John Sackton. And salmon imports to date this year are up 8%, he said, meaning American’s strong usage of salmon is continuing.

Salmon pushed canned tuna to third place for favorites, with per capita consumption down 4 percent.

There were other big shifts taking place in seafood trends last year – following the top three were tilapia, pollock and pangasius. Just as Alaska wild salmon faces tough competition from farmed salmon, Alaska pollock faces similar market challenges from those farmed whitefish.

Cod moved up a notch to seventh place with a nice 16% jump in consumption. Sackton said that stems from more availability from that million tons of cod coming out of the Barents Sea.

Rounding out the Top 10 list of seafood favorites were catfish, crab – at half a pound person an increase of 5% – and finally, clams.

In all, each American ate 14.5 pounds of seafood last year, the same as in 2012. The NOAA report says that imports represented 94% of all seafood eaten, but that figure is being reworked. For one thing, it doesn’t reflect seafood sent to China for processing and then re-imported to the US.


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