This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Alaska’s fisheries are in high gear. More after this…

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 All of Alaska’s biggest fisheries are now under way as we near the end of January.
Pollock opened for trawlers Monday in the Gulf and out in the Bering Sea.
Once again the Bering Sea catch will be nearly 3 billion pounds, Pollock roe is the prized product for the A season. Trawlers are predicting a plentiful harvest for the winter opening from now until April.  Another 4 million pounds of Pollock will come from the gulf, a nearly 45% increase from last year. Trawlers are targeting cod and various flat fish.
Pot fishermen move into their third week of the P. cod season. It is slow going in the gulf compared to this time last year. Around 21 vessels have landed about 3 million pounds so far leaving nearly 12 million pound to go in federal waters. As for the Bering Sea, the Pacific cod season so far is moving faster than last years, nearly 7 million pounds has been delivered leaving around 3 million pounds still in the water.
Bering Sea snow crab is moving along. Fishermen started early mid December but crabbers have only brought in about 28% of the 48 ½ million pound catch. Fishing for Bering Sea Tanners is ongoing as well.
Southeast Fishing for Tanner crab and Golden Kings will open early February. This Friday fishing for seven different rock fish opens with just under a half a million pounds split among the Panhandle region. Trollers are still on the water targeting winter kings.
In Halibut news…
Alaska long liners got just under 20 million pound of the total coast wide catch this year. Fishermen will head out March 8th. Managers are hopeful the stock could be leveling off.

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