Salty Girl Seafood of Santa Barbara is putting a new twist on traditional fish stick style products.  With their savory wild-caught Alaska sockeye salmon, sweet potato and broccoli recipe kids and parents can enjoy all the health benefits of salmon and veggies in one bite.

“We have this new product which is a salmon bite, and they are just such a fantastic product and something we feel really good about.” 

Norah Eddy is the co-founder of Salty Girl Seafood.She says throughout their product development research they learned that many families still introduce seafood to kids with frozen fish products. Eddy wanted to change that.

 “The fish stick was introduced in the 1950’s and it pretty much looks the same now as it did back then.  We recognized this wonderful opportunity to bring a product of great integrity to the table to all these families around the country.”

Eddy says she wants kids first experience with fish to be a healthy and enjoyable one.

“By having their first seafood experience to be wild Alaska salmon; which you can’t beat that! And then to make it this complete product with hidden veggies and gluten-free oats, and then bring the parents this convenience factor by having a great product they can keep in their freezer.”

Not only are the salmon bites sustainable they are also traceable. A special code on the back of each package can be used to learn who caught your fish, where it came from and what fishing gear was used to catch it.

“The fun thing about targeting kids with this product is that we made it a launching point for sharing the story of seafood with kids; to get them thinking about the path that all food travels before reaching their dinner plate. I think that our traceability with this product in particular becomes this really exciting and interesting tool for parents   to start those conversations about where does our food come from, why it is important to know where your fish was caught, starting those great stories and that great understanding of the things we put in our bodies and where they come from.”