Climate change, sea mammal fatalities, and fisheries research taking place in the Gulf of Alaska are just a few of the topics that will be discussed at the 3rd regional Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium, hosted by Alaska Sea Grant next week.  The four-day forum is a way to connect the community to the local research happening around us.
“We really have been focusing on the Kodiak region, bringing the science to the public, and also providing an opportunity and venue for researchers to come together and network and collaborate.”   

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Julie Matweyou-

Marine Advisor for Alaska Sea Grant in Kodiak says,  “There is something for everyone.”
“We have a wide range of talks that describe the structure of the gulf of Alaska Ecosystem, the coastal systems around Kodiak, and the human dimension and or the human system; the people component.”
There are nearly fifty speakers from all over the state, presenting quick flowing topics.  Each presentation is limited to 15 minutes with five minutes for discussion.
 “We have a changing ecosystem session. There will be some talks that focus on the              changes of the warm water conditions, the unusual whale mortality event that we saw in 2015, and the Gulf of Alaska seabird die-off.”
There are a handful of fisheries presentations to follow.
“Ranging from fish habitat to crab aging and molting, tanner crab population surveys in the Kodiak region.  We have talks on Shortraker rockfish, seafood safety and fish parasites, and sustainable skate species. So there is a little of everything.” 
Matweyou encourages students, kids, and adults to come learn about local science and get involved. The KAMSS (Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium)  event starts April 18th thru April 21st. Visit the Alaska Sea Grant website for  agenda information and  find links at our website