September 15 2014


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Safety meets Xtratuf. With their powers combined, I’ll tell you more after this…

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Xtratuf and AMSEA have just announced their partnership and will soon be getting the ball rolling on their duel mission to try and create the safest work environment for the boots on deck. The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association has trained thousands of fisherman and mariners with an array of emergency safety and training skills for over two decade.  Xtratuf is jumping aboard with the same goals.

Xtratuf’s Global Director Sean O’Brien-


“We wanted to make sure that we make the toughest and most durable, the most slip resistant boats for commercial fisherman and recreational boaters. So it made sense to partner with an organization that has a culture of safety like we do.”


Protecting the men and women who rely on the boots is what’s behind the project.


 “So for the boots on deck, is really to provide a safe working environment for that fisherman on deck. We want to make sure they are safe, that they are protected, and not only from slipping, but the protection of their toes from our steel toed boots, because if they don’t have to worry about their feet they can worry about everything else.”


At the beginning stages of the partnership, O’Brien says they will be putting their Xtratuf name to work by gearing up AMSEA’S employees.


“We are looking to outfit a lot of their trainers in our product, because than they will have some of the best boots in the industry to wear. Also how we can help them whether it be going up a ladder, or on a dock. It’s how we can give the particular tips of how to use the boots in the most effective possible in order to avoid accidents and injury.”  


When asked about their future together, O’Brien says that he hopes to see the XtraTuf and AMSEA partnership grow for many years.

 “We feel that we are proud supporter of AMSEA and we feel that this could be a long term relationship. We haven’t announced a long term relationship, but we look to continue to work with them and see if something we can work with for years to come.”

O’Brien says they are taking extra step to make the boots better than ever. Stayed tuned for more of this story, and find links at our website

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