November 2, 2015
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  A tough girl, in a man’s world. One women’s Bering Sea crabbing experience after this.
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Living in a man’s world is how The Deadliest Catch’s female deckhand Amy Majors describes her career as a full time Fisher woman. 
“My biggest challenge of being a fisher woman I would say is the stereo types. I have to deal with that on whatever boat I go on or whatever fishery I do. They don’t take me seriously at first, and I have to prove myself constantly on a daily basis that I am strong enough, and that I am capable of doing the job.”
Alaska born and raised, Majors has been out on the water, fishing with her family since birth.  Her passion for fishing has driven her to work just about every fishery, from salmon seining to long lining this year she added Bering Sea crabbing to her repertoire.
“Crabbing is pretty exciting. It’s very difficult, and very dramatic. Not to mention the cameras in your face twenty-four seven, so that adds on another element of stress.”
Majors described the Bering Sea as terrifying and exciting.  
“You look out and all you see are these huge massive waves and you’re out there on the rail inside of a pot. I don’t know how else to describe it.  It was terrifying, but at the same time it is exciting. The more terrifying it got out there the more it electrified me and made me want to persevere.”
The challenges Majors overcame aboard the F/V Wizard has made her a role model for women all over the globe. And she says she is happy to have achieved that.
“I think it is very important that young women everywhere are empowered. And that they realize that they can achieve whatever goal they might have. They don’t have to be a man, they just have to be themselves, and if they have that in their heart then they can do anything.”
Majors has a no regrets attitude when sharing her Bering Sea experiences. She left the fishery filled with accomplishment and pride. Watch Amy in action on season eleven of the Deadliest Catch, read her diary and learn more about her at
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