An all-natural crab shell based game meat protectant spray should be one of the first items a hunter puts in his pack. Juneau-raised business Tidal Vision has tapped into the chitosan market with a variety of products.Chitosan is a substance extracted from the exoskeleton of crab and is the key ingredient in  Tidal Vision’s latest product, their Game Meat Protector. Tested last fall, it fared well with hunters keeping their meat free of harmful contaminants.

“It protects game meat while out in the field from spoiling, it also prevents bugs and insects from landing on it and burrowing into it.”

Craig Kasberg is President of Tidal Vision-

“It is an insurance policy for hunters. When going deep into the backcountry on a hunting trip there is always the risk of weather picking up, or really anything that could cause a delay. So having a natural way to preserve the quality of the meat right as it is being harvested is an important step for hunters.”

What is in this magical meat protector? And how does it work? Kasberg explains.   

“All it is is water, chitosan, and citric acid. When applied it leaves a very thin film on the game meat. Because of chitosans natural antimicrobial properties and the low PH citric acid it acts as a preservative and preserves the quality of the game meat.”

One eight-ounce bottle is enough to cover an entire large game animal. It can also be sprayed on game bags for extra protection. The spray is sold on Amazon and will be carried later in the year by other major outdoor outlets.
Tidal Vision continues to grow its product line while encouraging sustainable fishing practices. As members of the non-profit organization 1% For the Planet they donate to many conservation causes. Learn more about chitosan and Tidal Vision’s other products at