The Alaska Ocean Observing System

 wants to know how Alaskans enjoy their coasts and ocean. This is the fourth year AOOS has held the short film contest. The contest welcomes all genres related to the ocean.

“We want to highlight the diversity of the way people enjoy the ocean. So that is why we have it completely open as far as what types of things you are going to film.”

Holly Kent is the Director of Administration and Outreach at AOOS.

“That way we can highlight all of those types of ocean uses on our website and hopefully get more people to come to our website and see all the great things we have to offer.”

The ocean and coast film contest possibilities are endless.

“We have had everything from educational short films that are about collaring bears on the shores near Katmai to describing what the difference is between single-year and multiyear ice is in the Arctic. We have had people submit films that are about their summer vacation in Prince William Sound. We have had films that are more on an artistic and creative scale, like a visual poem about salmon and how the changes that salmon go through.”

Kent says the Film categories are wide open.

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 “We don’t have set categories as of now, we just wait to see what we get in. If we get in one or more creative films then we will make a creative category, the same thing with educational.”

Surprisingly there is one category they do not see a lot of… Commercial Fishing.

“I would love to get some entries about commercial fishing; people working their set net sites, and something more about fish. We have had Films about salmon and we’ve had films about creatures living in the tidal areas, but we haven’t had a whole lot of fish.”

Films can be shot with smartphones; go pros are any other recording device.  Kent says the only restrictions are that the film is no longer than 10 minutes.

“Really anything goes.  I would say to a certain degree the quality of the film matters, but really it’s not so much the format but as it is how it’s laid out and the flow.”

Film submission deadline is September 15. For more info go to AOOS.Org

“I think it is really fun and it gives a lot of people great opportunities to get their  footage out there and to share with other Alaskans how they are using the coasts.”