ASMI kids ECookbook 2014

April 14 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Move over mom, the kids are cooking seafood and eating it too. More after this…

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Kids are whipping up seafood dishes in the kitchen with recipes from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s latest cookbook, Alaska Style… Recipes For Kids! The free seafood eBook is designed for kids and by kids. ASMI’s Communications Director Tyson Fick says that the hands on approach works best.

“We found that there was a lot of interest in how to get kids to enjoy seafood and eating healthy. And one of the best ways is to cook with your kids, make them comfortable around the kitchen, and then you will find that most kids if they try it they like it.”

Within the pages of the cookbook, a toddler, a set of twins, a picky eater, a young chef, and a teenager illustrate that cooking with seafood is fun and easy.

“We had a whole bunch of recipes that we had been working on with schools and food services and things like that, then we went to make the cook book and we thought it would be a really good idea to include some kids cooking the food. In fact one of the kids was a winner of a recipe contest where he got to go to Washington, D.C. and have lunch with the First Lady, for his Teriyaki Alaska Salmon Wrap.”

The winning wrap recipe is featured with many other yummy seafood dishes like Alaska Salmon Burgers, Crab Mac & Cheese, and one of Tyson’s favorites the Buffalo Alaska Cod Quesadillas. It also has healthy tips and fun facts about Alaska seafood, making it different from other kid cookbooks.

“We think it is very important to be reaching out to the next generation of seafood fans and those are the kids. All of our consumer research shows that if you don’t have seafood early in your life, you’re not likely to later on. So these are the small things we can do to help with that and make sure that when kids or any one else chooses to have seafood that they have a good experience with it.”

You can download ASMI’s Alaska Style E-cookbook for free at or pick up a copy next week at the ASMI booth at ComFish in Kodiak.

Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, celebrating 101 years of partnership with Alaska’s coastal communities. In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.