Bambino’s Baby Food blew taste buds out of the water at last year’s Alaska Symphony of Seafood. The Hali halibut puree was served garnished in tiny martini glasses to make the baby food appealing to judges. The presentation and taste of the baby food won grand prize overall in the competition, as well as 3rd place in retail, and 1st place for the People’s Choice Award. Fish Radio spoke to Bambino’s owner Zoi Maroudas just hours before she served up her newest product Sockeye Salmon Bisque at this year’s Symphony.

“Today we have the sockeye salmon bisque, and it is a beautiful blend of the sockeye fresh salmon with Alaska vegetables, all certified organic by rural Alaskan farmer. It also has a combination of rice and olive oil. So you have that well-balanced flavor.”

She says there are a variety of ways it can be prepared.

“Adults can enjoy it with a little pinch of lemon, and garnish it with parsley. Or the little ones can enjoy it frozen, or thawed out.”  

All of Bambino’s baby food is packaged frozen in star-shaped cubes and can be eaten cold or hot. Even though it is baby food, Maroudas says it is for all ages.

Our baby food goes past the infant and toddler stage. It is to be enjoyed by all. It provides that fresh quality, high nutrition content, for all ages for whoever requires that high protein, well balanced nutritious meal.

Maroudas reflects on her participation in last year’s Symphony.

“It was a wonderful experience in the sense that we had hundreds of adults try our baby food, and the experience was wonderful to get it in the public eye for buyers to know that our company exists and how we are trying to be innovative in creating a wholesome organic meal for infants and toddlers.”

As grand prize winner, Maroudas was able to bring Bambinos Baby Food to the biggest seafood expo in Boston.

 “So what it did for us was create those nice introductions, and allowed us to develop relationships so that we could move up to the level of wholesale buying.”

Maroudas encourages anyone with Alaska seafood products to enter in the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundations Alaska Symphony of Seafood after experiencing it herself.

“Personally I think that it creates this perfect path of introducing new products, making new connections and friends, and in the long run develop and blossom into a beautiful business.”

This year’s winners will be announced at AFDF’s seafood bash on  February 22nd in Juneau.

Bambinos Baby Food

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation