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This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Fish policy makers need your opinions. More after this . . .

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Fish managers of the North Pacific Council need the boots on deck perspective. Bringing a first hand experience to the table can make a huge impact on decisions made in the fishing industry.  When the council sits down this week by catch and on board observers are  just a few hot topics they are tackling.

“ I think people who are engaged in the fisheries often have very strong opinion, but if they don’t express those opinions then it’s not going to have an impact on the regulatory system.”

Denby Lloyd is Kodiaks fisheries advisor. He is also the former Fish and Game Commissioner and North Pacific Council member. Lloyd explains that the council needs to hear the personal and or economic outcomes before ruling.


“Public testimony is an opportunity to tell the council what your experience is and how these thing effect your livelihood and your well-being. They need to hear it because they don’t just magically understand it, they have to be told.”


Any agenda items are open for comment.

“ The council wants to hear all levels of testimony, and impact, and benefit of the  things they have in front of them.”

“Whether or not your opinion counts as much I think is incumbent on how well prepared you are. How well you know your topic area, and whether you understand the council system and their authorities and the restrictions they operate under.”

“Whether you are one of the suits or a fellow in boots on deck or anyone in between. It’s an available opportunity for anybody.”  


Lloyd further adds . . .

“So testimony can range from deeply personal, to economic, to financial, to political. Telling the council the impact of a certain decision on your ability to make a living that’s powerful testimony.”  


The North Pacific Council meeting kicks off October 2nd thru the 8th in Anchorage at the Hilton.  You can also tune in live at

“One crewman can  definitely make a difference.”


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