October 20, 2014



This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Get ready for the biggest seafood bash. More after this.


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The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation announced plans last week for their annual seafood bash in February;   The Symphony of Seafood. With it came a few fresh ideas, the event has helped introduce hundreds of new products to the seafood industry for the past 22 years.


 “There has literally been hundreds of products developed with Alaska seafood and promoted through this event.”


Julie Decker is the Executive Director for A.F.D.F.


“Developing new products is really hard for the companies involved. It cost a lot of money, takes a lot of time and attention, and sometimes the products are wonderful and sometimes they are not. So this event really helps companies determine how the market place is going to receive their product.”


A third venue is being added to the list next year. Even more will be able to taste and rate seafood products at the Symphony in Seattle, Anchorage and the new location in Juneau.  Three categories remain the same; Retail, foodservice, and smoked, along with a new by product Beyond the Plate entry.


“The winners get to utilize the winner status when promoting their product and they also get to go to the Boston Seafood Show and promote them nationally.”


Large and small producers are encouraged to submit their new products. Dates for the symphony will be announced by the end October and entries are due by the end of the year.


“I think it is also a time for us to recognize the companies that are doing this work. Product development is key to moving the industry forward. We expect to have a good time and really celebrate what product development has been happening over this last year for Alaska seafood.”


For more Symphony of Seafood info and links go to www.afdf.org 


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