Patrick Chappatte / International New York Times


Today (Friday) the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will consider next year’s catches for more than 20 fish species at its ongoing meeting in Anchorage.

No word yet on Gulf catches, but advisors are recommending a three billion pound catch for Bering Sea pollock, a boost of nearly 42 million pounds.

For sablefish, a 15 percent increase is recommended to nearly 7.6 million pounds.

Elsewhere, Undercurrent News reports that a California man has filed a class action lawsuit against Bumble Bee Foods claiming its canned smoked red salmon is falsely labeled as wild-caught from Alaska and not smoked at all.

The suit says the fish is farm raised cohos from Chile with red color added along with smoked flavoring. It alleges that Bumble Bee is violating state marketing laws on false advertising and consumer protections.

Bumble Bee  recently pleaded guilty to criminal price-fixing charges after a US Department of Justice investigation.


Finally, in the red flag arena — The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Trump Administration for allowing oil companies to dump wastes from fracking and drilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

In September, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency Ok’d new and existing permits to dump unlimited amounts of chemical-laden waste fluids into the Gulf. That adds up to more than 75 billion gallons a year.

The permits were issued with no studies on the risks to marine species, a violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Common fracking chemicals are proven to be among the most toxic in the world to marine animals.